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40, Rang 2e Chaloupe,
(Québec) J6E 0M4

Call us at 450-755-4905
Email us at info@fermeregis.com

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We chose to name our market "FERME RÉGIS" in honor of Ludovic Régis, the former owner and poultry farmer. When the current owner, Mario Vanier, decided to buy this farm, its operating facilities had shut down. The produce market, as we know it today, was launched in 1989. The original workings of this farm have been safeguarded so as to acknowledge Mr.Régis’ work.

Mr. Vanier wasn’t at his first steps when starting this new business to be known as Ferme Régis. He got his initial start in 1978 when he opened his earliest fruit and vegetable store in Montréal. He named it, La Fruiterie Vanier. He went on to sell it in 1983, to then buy Au Toit bleu fruits et légumes, in Laval.

Ferme Régis Over the years, in order to provide our customers with even more, Ferme Régis has expanded. In 2007 a major investment enabled us to double our market space to 50 000 square feet. To add, Mr. Vanier demolished part of the structure (80%), only to rebuild it using materials from the original building. The goal was to maintain its unique cachet and charm also to feature the characteristics of that era.

Today our buyers negotiate to obtain the best competitive prices for our clientele. Every night, our representatives go around the Marché Central looking to buy the freshest of daily produce. Our employees are experienced and versatile and they know our customers needs. Many of them feel part of our family and we work with them season after season.

We also feel very strongly about health and nutrition, the variety of foods needed in one’s diet and a personalized service. We understand people ‘s needs and nourish their feeling of belonging for our enterprise.

We are also involved at a community level and we support our local organizations. Moreover, we are a member of UPA, as a Québec agricultural producer; a member of our local Chamber of Commerce for the greater Joliette area; a member of the Lanaudière Bureau of Tourism; and finally, a member of CDBL (le Conseil de développement bioalimentaire de Lanaudière) which promotes the development of organic agriculture in our region.

Ferme Régis is the choice destination to shop for the days freshest fruits and vegetables, produced by our local growers and farmers. They are just THE BEST pickings!

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